The Easiest Backlinks An Online Store Can Get

Here is one of the simplest, yet most effective ways of obtaining high quality, relevant backlinks to your online store. It’s so obvious, yet something most ecommerce site owners would never even think about.

And now for the long awaited reveal…I’m talking about…

Supplier Links

That’s right! I told you it was going to be obvious.

Here’s Why Supplier Links Rock

  • They are Natural – There’s nothing dodgy or suspicious about a supplier linking to their stockists
  • They are high authority – Many suppliers will be big trusted brands. Imagine what a link from a site like this can do for your own sites trust within the search engines?!
  • They are relevant – What’s more relevant than a link from someone whose products you actually sell?

Here’s How to Easily Obtain These Links

  1. Reach out to your suppliers who have websites
  2. Ask them to add your store’s details, including the website address, to their “stockists” or “where to buy” section (if you’re not already on there).
  3. Give yourself a high five

Often times supplier links can be the difference separating you from your top ranked competition. They are also a great source of targeted referral traffic and actually help the suppliers bottom line (and yours) by making sure potential customers can easily find their local stockist.

What If Your Supplier Has a Website But No “Where to Buy” Page?

What an excellent question! This is when you can get a little creative. How about writing a glowing review about your supplier or their product and posting it on your site? Let them know about it and chances are they will link back to the review. If that sounds like too much hard work why don’t you send them a testimonial? Businesses love to showcase these and will often include a link back to your website.

Now what are you waiting for? Go and get some quality supplier links right now…

Nathan Whitaker About the author

Nathan is the co-founder and Strategy Wizard at eMagic. He is responsible for the development and execution of our effective SEO strategies. He is passionate about search and delivering unrivalled results for our clients and industry partners.

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