Effective Online Reputation Management.

Combat negative search results & restore your reputation.

With over 78% of people researching a person / business online before engaging with them, it’s critical that you make a good first impression. When people search for you and find negative search results it is not only damaging to your reputation, but can cause customers to take their business elsewhere. At eMagic we know how to combat negative search results, and restore your reputation online.

Suppress Negative Results

Negative search results can come in many forms such as blogs, news articles, reviews, images and videos. We know how to tackle any type of negative search result that is impacting you.

Elevate Positive Results

Leave a positive impression on people that are searching for you. We find positive assets (content, profiles etc) that exist online and make them the first thing people see when they search.

Build Your Reputation

Control how you are perceived online. We develop strategies and create new online assets that not only enhance your reputation, but enable you to own your reputation and appearance online.

Protect Your Reputation

Maintain a good reputation online. We proactively manage your online reputation and with real-time search presence monitoring, we keep on top of anything damaging.

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Proven track record

Proven Track-Record of Success

We’ve been doing online reputation management for a number of years, but doing something all the time, and for a long time doesn’t mean you’re any good. We have a proven track record for delivering spectacular results for our clients.

NZ-based team of ORM Specialists

Our ORM team is local, based right here in New Zealand. We do all of our ORM in-house and we don’t outsource your service to another provider or another country. We’re committed to delivering the best ORM solutions, the best results and the best experience you can get.

NZ based seo experts
No lock-in contracts

No Lock-In Contracts, Just Guaranteed Satisfaction

We believe that if you provide exceptional results & service then you shouldn’t need contracts to keep your clients. We have no lock-in contracts, and 92% of our clients stay with us for more than 12 months.

Restore your reputation online.

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