Effective Keyword Research

Let’s Start At the Very Beginning…

Turning your business website into a revenue generating machine starts with the right keyword research. It is the absolute foundation upon which all mighty search engine optimisation strategies are built upon. Get this right and you will have a solid platform from which your online store can take flight, get this wrong and it may never even get off the ground.

The Ugly Truth of Ignoring Keyword Research

Unfortunately we come across so many business owners who have failed to do this properly. They blindly throw up a website with no plan or direction and wonder why they aren’t getting any results. The keywords they are trying to target simply don’t have any search traffic (not even number one rankings would help).

Live or die by the Keyword

The success of your website depends on generating traffic. But not just any old traffic, we’re talking about potential customer traffic, and as much as possible. These are the searchers interested in buying your products or services! Before you can capture this buyer targeted traffic you have to understand what they are searching for, this is where comprehensive keyword research comes in.

We identify the highest volume keywords your target market is using to search for your products. We find this out by reviewing your site to ensure you are targeting the most relevant, high search volume keywords in your market. This helps us weed out the winners from the losers.

Learning From Your Competition

We analyse you top competitors keywords. This provides valuable insight into what is working for them and helps to further understand what search terms do and don’t work within your market.

Identifying Quick Ranking Wins

We establish your current Google rankings to identify search terms you already rank well for. Targeting these first will help provide the strongest initial results. We use your initial search engine positions as a benchmark to track the continued progress of your site.

Finding the Missing Keywords

We continue to refine your targeted keywords over time based on the information gathered from Google Analytics, AdWords and Webmaster Tools. This data allows us to uncover your top organic traffic driving searches, and missed keyword opportunities.

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