Steal Your Competitors Backlink Strategy Without Their Knowledge

Are you sick of seeing your competitors ranking above you in the search engines? Do you want to know how they got there? Do you wonder what marvelous high authority links they must have pointing at their site? It’s time to dust off your ninja outfit and polish your slippers because in just 5 minutes I’m going to teach you how to sneak in and swipe your competitor’s backlink strategy and leave without a trace.

Ninja-suited up? Good! Let’s begin…

There are a few different tools you can use to obtain a blueprint of your competitors backlinks. The most common ones used by other SEO Ninjas are Opensite Explorer, Majestic and Ahrefs. Unfortunately the free versions of these tools are extremely limited, and paid versions will set you back around $50 – $130 NZD per month (yikes!). Not something you would bother with unless you are an SEO agency.

Luckily there is another tool that we use exclusively for this very purpose! It’s called Market Samurai and it kicks ass! There’s no monthly payments for this software and it even comes with a free trial. If you do fall in love with this tool the good news is life time access is a one off payment of $149 AUD.

Now there are several awesome features available with this tool such as keyword research and rank tracker, but the holy grail of Market Samurai, and the only reason we use it, is for the SEO Competition module. This is where you get to unmask your Google competition and steal their rankings!

Alright Newbie Ninja It’s Time to Enter the Dojo

Here is a play by play of exactly how to do it…

  1. Download your free copy of Market Samurai here
  2. Once installed open Market Samurai
  3. Under Create a New Project click on New Project
  4. Plug in any keyword and a project title (just leave this as your keyword)
  5. select your target country from the drop down menu and click Create
  6. On the left-hand menu choose SEO COMPETITION
  7. Now hit the button on the right that says Generate Results
  8. You will now see a list of Google’s first page search results for your keyword. Don’t freak out if it looks a bit confusing. Simply put the different colours represent how competitive (well optimised) the search results are for your targeted keyword. The more red there is the more competitive the search results are.
  9. For more info on what each column represents simply hover over the heading of each column
  10. Click the down arrow next to any competitor URL and select the Citation Flow Analysis button
  11. Here you have your competitors backlinks ranked in order of highest authority link to lowest
  12. Do a silent Ninja moonwalk
  13. Click the Export Anchor Text Data button in the bottom right of the window, rinse and repeat for your other competitors, and then spend some time sorting through the quality links and obtaining them for your own site!

Here’s some other killer Ninja moves you can do

  • If you want to spy on competitors who don’t show up in the first page results simply click the Add custom URLs button. Then plug in the websites that you want to view backlinks for eg. and click the Add URLs button.
  • Use the New Keyword option located in the left hand menu to add other keywords you would like to analyse
Nathan Whitaker About the author

Nathan is the co-founder and Strategy Wizard at eMagic. He is responsible for the development and execution of our effective SEO strategies. He is passionate about search and delivering unrivalled results for our clients and industry partners.

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