5 Steps to Simple Keyword Research

Exceptional search engine optimisation results begin with great keyword research. Period!

If you skip this part or don’t do it properly you are doomed to fail, or at least destined for mediocre results.

It’s like trying to bake a cake without flour, it just won’t rise (technically there are flourless cakes but you get my point).

I’m now going to show you exactly how we use the AdWords keyword planner tool to perform comprehensive, kick ass keyword research every time. This is a free keyword tool from Google that works great.

Here’s How in 5 Simple Steps

  1. Go here – https://adwords.google.co.nz/KeywordPlanner
  2. On the left hand column under Match Types check [Exact] only
  3. Choose the columns you want shown on the far right menu (I only bother with local Monthly Searches)
  4. Enter your keyword or phrase and hit Search (or enter captcha if you aren’t logged into your Adwords)
  5. Click on Local Monthly Searches to arrange results from highest to lowest search volume

Now sit back and marvel at what you have just achieved!

Google has churned out an extensive list of keywords related to your initial search. Now all you have to do is choose the ones that not only have strong traffic potential, but are also highly targeted to your product or service.

Bonus Tips

To really flesh out your keyword list and make sure you don’t miss any golden keyword nuggets here’s how to drill down even further:

  • From the initial results take the most relevant keywords and search again with them
  • Add location modifiers (Auckland, NZ, New Zealand) to your keywords to discover local search potential

Told you it was simple!

Don’t leave just yet. There’s a few more things that are important to understand…

5 Common Keyword Research Mistakes…Dum Dum!

  • Not doing it
  • Using Broad or “Phrase” and not [Exact] match
  • Targeting the wrong keywords (low search volume, not buyer targeted)
  • Not leveraging the power of the long tail keyword (3+ word search phrases)
  • Not researching location searches
  • Not checking your competitors page source to see what keywords they are targeting

That’s it, now go and reap the benefits of this sacred keyword research knowledge and let us know how you get on.

Nathan Whitaker About the author

Nathan is the co-founder and Strategy Wizard at eMagic. He is responsible for the development and execution of our effective SEO strategies. He is passionate about search and delivering unrivalled results for our clients and industry partners.

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